The neighborhood around this home could be called many things. It's towards the northern limits of historic Black Bottom, towards the southern limits of Poletown East, and towards the eastern limits of Eastern Market.

So here's to the Black Bottom, Poletown East, Eastern Market trifecta that's attempting to make a name for itself!

You'll hear announcements from DEPSA on schoolday mornings, church bells of The Sweetest Heart of Mary throughout the day , crickets from the fields cleared by The Blight Authority all summer long, and the humming of a more-and-more bustling downtown skyline in the near distance.

Eastern Market is only a few blocks away, easy enough to walk, but a real joy to bike. There you'll find The Saturday Market, but any other day there are a host of restaurants like Supino's Pizza, Mootown Creamery, Russell Street Deli, Zeff's Coney Island, and dozens others. Germack is a great place to get local coffee on your way downtown. Really cool shops are around too, like DeVries & Co, Eastern Market Antiques, and Signal Return.